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Kentucky Bestiary by Joseph Hirsch – Review


It has been quite a long time since Officer Peter Silone has been back to Tipple Hollow, the small Appalachian town where he spent many childhood summers with his uncle and his now-deceased younger brother. So when a job opens up in neighboring Gilchrist, Kentucky, Pete naturally jumps at the chance to escape big city police work, and spend some time taking it easy in the country.

Nothing in rural Appalachia is as it seems, however. A meth amphetamine epidemic is sweeping the land, and Pete hears pray tell that monsters roam the hillsides and coalmines where no man has ventured in quite a long time. That all changes, however, when a reclusive and mysterious billionaire named Rufus Petulengro sets up camp in Tipple Hollow, and begins to conduct research in the long-dormant mines. He claims he wants only to help the environment, and to undo the damage he wreaked as a commodities trader exploiting the world for its natural resources. As Pete’s curiosity leads him on, deeper into the country and finally into the mine, he discovers a dark secret, hiding within the black bowels of the coalmine.

My Review:

This book is pegged as a ‘Supernatural Mystery’, but the only thing mysterious that happens in it, really only happens in the last 30-40 pages. It’s closer to a police procedural/crime-fiction with a couple of weird things thrown in. Meth is everywhere, explaining pretty much everything.

The book is written well, if not especially horrifying or mysterious. The first 2/3rds of the book bring you into the area, get you knowing the people involved, the history of the town. But there are still parts of the story I don’t understand their connection (or maybe I’m just dense), like the storey of Joe C. and his mother, or the history of Jerry Silone and his friends in the mine.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the thrill of watching Pete fumble his way through the small-town beat, only to end up facing hell, in the worst possible way. Can say I wasn’t really expecting the ending. I mean, he went to the Inn? Really??

Ugh, so annoyed at that.

Anyway, I look forward to the next Hirsch installment.


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