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Shadow of the Makarois by Grant Reed – Review


Eyndegaria is a peaceful country nestled in the middle of the Freelands. Once, long ago, her rich soils were the battlefield for a war between the Makarios tribe and the people of the mainland. A thousand years of rest have seen her countrymen grow complacent and the threat of their forefathers dismissed. The Makarios have not forgotten though and will stop at nothing to free their imprisoned brethren.
There is one who remembers the tale of these horrific hunters and he has spent a lifetime preparing for their return. Now an old man, he must convince an officer of the watch and a grieving swordsman that theirs is the light that will push back the shadow of the Makarios.

My Review:

This is a very thrilling read, with almost 500 pages of action and intrigue. From battles on the walls of falling cities, to the ancient wonderings of an eternal watcher. FIlled with powers such as astral projection, time travel and emotional manipulation, the Historian is the narroator and arguably the main character in this world.

While it does take a while for the story to really move forward into itself, this is a book that brings out the best and worst in people – sometimes in the same people. Following the Makarois to the once-conquered land of Eyndegaria, he is helpless to stop the evil of the Makarois, and this takes an emotional drain.

This book is well-written and follows twists and turns that you wouldn’t see coming. Worth the lengthy read, especially on long car trips.


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