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Betrayal on Triton by Ryan Henry – Review


So here’s the pitch. The name’s Ethan Riley and I guess you could call me a merc. An underpaid, hyper-stimmed gun-for-hire. I spent over a decade piloting an APEC rig in countless proxy wars and clandestine hit jobs. In those days, I was a trash-talking heartbreaker, and could take a punch a whole sight better than I could throw one.

Bottom line. I was working a freelance hit on Mars, and everything went south. Next thing I knew I was a prisoner of Lunaris, a ruthless moon-mining corporation that’d stop at nothing to undercut their competition. They gave me a choice. I could face criminal charges or take on a suicide mission to ghost a rival company’s claim. Either way, I was screwed, but I at least wanted a fighting chance.

With a skeleton crew that could barely get along, I got sent to Triton – the coldest moon in Neptune’s orbit. All I had to do was make the drop, waste the target, and get back to my ship alive. If I could pull it off, they’d let me walk.

I should’ve known better.

Now if you wanna read about how I made it out alive, you need to cough up a single credit and give me a few hours of your time. In return, I’ll immerse you in a tale of pulse-pounding combat, back-stabbing betrayal, and all the dangers of our perilous solar system without any risk to you or any other planet-sider.

My Review:

The hardest part of writing sci-fi is in keeping up with your own technology and theories. This book, full of unforgiving plot twists and turns that leave you wanting more, is full of its own internal logic that makes absolute sense – and even more sense the further through the story you go. Ethan is a well-rounded and structured character that can’t help but drag you forward into the next adventure, with the believability of his foul mouth and violent tendencies. Which you would expect from a gun-for-hire.

With a delicious world of twists that drag you forward into the final adventure, this is one book you will DEFINITELY want to read!


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