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Three Dimensional Love by Jordan Allen – Review


Dawson hasn’t left the house in almost a year, manifesting severe anxiety problems, crippling shyness, hallucinations, and fear of the outside world. His only friends are online, and a five foot hugging pillow named Yoko his deranged mind allows him to talk to. But all of that changes when he meets Rachel, a girl who shares his passion for Japanese culture and anime. Slowly but surely, Dawson begins to learn how to become normal, until one day Rachel convinces him to journey out into the world, causing Dawson to unleash the beast he’s tried to keep caged for so long.

My Review:

This is a good short story, only a few pages long, but worth the read. While I do find it kind of offensive on behalf of geeks, nerds and gamers (of which I am all 3), the situation with Rachel, Dawson and Johnny probably does play out now and then, all over the world. The story is realistic, attention-keeping and simple. A great short read!


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