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Welcome to Wimbly’s by AB Bradley – Review


All’s not well at the Wimbly School of Arts Arcana. Rumors swirl of enemies gathering beyond school grounds. Whispers spread that the newest student at Wimbly’s may be none other than the Misfit King, a powerful enemy prophesied to destroy the magicians and the world they’ve built.

If only they knew the truth. If only they knew Quinn couldn’t cast a spell to save his life. If only they knew he cheated his way into Wimbly’s to escape his horrible foster home. If only the talented magicians knew a darker, more sinister evil plotted their demise…

Hiding in a world not his own, Quinn must fool the strongest, most powerful magicians in the magical world. He’ll befriend dwarves and yetis and odd outcasts. He’ll walk through doors that lead to different worlds and speak to paper men who live in books, all to discover the dangerous secret that could give Quinn the magic he so desperately desires.

My Review:

It starts out like a Harry Potter knockoff. Kid’s in a crappy home, with crappy foster parents, and then manages to escape to a magical world where dark forces are starting to build.

Man, this thing is different as all after that.

Quinn is a new kid, with no magic. He’s managed to fool some good and great wizards into letting him into the school. Searching for the secret to real magic, he breaks through dimensions, talks to beings of different worlds, and finds out something dark and sinister is afoot…

Written very well, this book leads you on and on, through a maze of plot twists until you reach the end and try to keep turning the page. Quinn is well-written, with all the hang-ups you would expect from someone in his situation. Each character is unique, and drives the plot forward.

Looking forward to book 2!


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