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Scars of Miranda by Ryan Henry – Review


***This short story takes place after events depicted in the novel Betrayal on Triton.***

In the final days of the Uranian moon-miners’ uprising, ragtag partisans of the United People’s Front stood a thin line between the last free colony on tiny Miranda and the armed forces of our corporate overlord, PhobosFusion. When I finally joined their revolution, all I wanted was to get in the fight as an APEC operator.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I had little discipline, training, or experience. But I had a lot of heart. Maybe that’s why our veteran squad leader, Ian MacClane, trusted me with a very special assignment. One that kept me out of harm’s way and in constant disappointment.

I was on recon duty when the most ruthless mercenary squad in the solar system dropped from the airless void to light us up. And behind the controls of my armored personal expeditionary chassis, I was thrust into the final battle for control of Miranda. So you could say I got my baptism by fire. But for me, the real conflict began when the slugs and missiles stopped flying.

Those mercs had shown up for an unlikely reason. One that would put my ideals and loyalties to the test. Backed into a corner and unsure of who to trust, I was forced to make the most important decision of my life — and, by extension, the lives of every free colonist on our moon.

My name is Annabeth Keller. This is my story. Don’t let me be forgotten.

My Review:

A well-thought novella that takes place in the same universe as Betrayal on Titan, which I recently read.
Talk about a heart attack! There are definitely some moments that left me speechless, which are definitely worth reading the other book, though not a necessity. With a darkness overshadowing it all, you can really feel the tension and damage heaped upon the characters across the board.
An improvement on the last book in terms of writing, style and characterisation, and a wonderful addition to the universe, there’s very little bad to be said about this book – except that it ended!

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