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Jaime’s Blues by Vinod Kumar Sharma – Review


On a blind dating trip to London, Jamie was subjected to indignity and assault for being an American and a Black. Feeling disillusioned, he cursed his existence and wished to be teleported elsewhere, to a more amicable world.

Next, Jamie and his crew were on a space mission. Vaccines, rodents, male sperms, and female eggs were on board the spacecraft for experiments. An accidental mix of vaccines turned the skin color of their white and black subject rats to a glossy blue. While Jamie and his crew were in space, the human race perished due to a nuclear holocaust. They returned to earth. Being the only survivors, they began to rebuild a new homogeneous world and vowed not to let the flaws of the earlier world surface again. They took the same vaccine as the test rodents and their skins turned blue. Their offspring were blue-skinned too.

Centuries later, the new world was populated with blue-skinned males and females. This new blue world not only hated black-, brown-, and white-skinned humans but also exterminated them. And then one day a Black baby boy, also named Jamie, and Pam, a White baby girl, were born into this glossy blue world to two different sets of parents through IVF that used, out of ignorance, male sperms and female eggs stored on board the centuries-old spacecraft on display at a museum. To save such odd colored babies from extermination—the law of the land—the parents managed to hide their baby’s skin color with blue paste. With time, Jamie and Pam grew to adulthood. A day after they got engaged, the truth surfaced and they were sentenced to death by lethal injection. Their parents learnt of the vaccine that had first triggered the blue skin pigmentation and stole its remains from the museum to replace the death serum with it. Strapped to their deathbeds with the lethal injections given, the wait started.

Were they exterminated, or pardoned? Or did the scene unfold differently?!!

Experience the complexities of various situations. The story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last moment. A journey full of adventure, action, romance, suspense, and …?


My Review:

Jaime has a wonderfully compelling story, with the later half of this epic-like journey culminating in the 1984-like future world. With perfection on the surface, covering and hiding the rotten underworld, it’s definitely a futuristic dystopian, and I love those types of stories. The idea of a world so steeped in ‘saving face’ and covering up the institutionalised racism is definitely something I LOVE to read.

A unique and wonderful representation of what we could, and probably shouldn’t be. This is a heavy book, full of racial and social prejudice, clearly intended as a comment on current racial tension and and international incidents such as those that have occurred in Britain, the USA and Australia, to name a few. However, from the ditching of the black MC at the airport, to his beating by Muslim youth, to the indifference posed by white highway patrol, this book feels like nothing more than “white shaming” for the sake of it. Pamela ditches because he’s not the tall white guy she presumed he was. The Muslims blame his white president for the situation he’s in. The highway patrol takes one look at him and the rain, and drive on.

That said, I have only marked it down one star. It’s not as bad as it seems. In fact, it’s more enjoyable the further in you get, with excellent pacing, wonderful characters and compelling plots, until you can’t really remember reading your way through the last 4 hours.


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