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The Time Table by NJ Rayner – Review


There’s something weird going on deep in the London Underground.
Down in the subterranean labyrinths of long abandoned tunnels, ventilation shafts and disused stations, strange creatures are engaged in pointless battles of stupidity in their dark hidden world.
And the discovery of a stone table with amazing powers will only make things worse, as with staggering incompetence, the rival gangs fight to gain control of it.
But who will be the victors? Which of them will gain control of the table? Will they have a clue what to do with it? And in the process, how much longer will they be able to keep their existence a secret?
Could the world below ground, and the world above ground, be well on course for an unpredictable collision?

My Review:

An imaginative look at the London Underground, I must say! With a delightful amount of humour and quirkiness, this book has definitely got it going on.
Written on the edge of Gaiman’s Neverwhere style, but with a lot more fun and games, this book brings the London Underground to life. With whimsy and magic smothering the characters, you would think it would get a bit annoying (and it does in some places), but the overall feeling of the book is both fun and joyous. The creatures of the Underground are magical, spirited and territorial, with fights spilling every which-way. Great for the young learning to read (except the slightly-ridiculous names) and the young at heart, this is definitely a book for everyone.


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