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Awake by Lana Moon – Review


Tormented by nightmares since the death of her family in a devastating tornado, Eve has returned to her Missouri hometown to face her painful past. There, in her aunt’s long-abandoned cottage, she meets an unlikely healer: a gorgeous incubus on the prowl for a mate. Victor offers Eve innocent comfort and soothing caresses, but his demonic nature won’t long be denied.
For thousands of years, Victor has preyed on women’s hidden desires while his own longings have gone unfulfilled. Now, at last, he’s met the woman of his dreams. But while their passion is quick to ignite, their future is far from certain. Eve’s feelings of guilt and Victor’s own dark deeds still haunt them. If Eve gives him her body yet withholds her trust, an enemy from Victor’s past could end their love—and him—forever.

My Review:

If you remove the magic and the references to the Incubus side of Victor’s nature, this could just as easily be a short, sweet romance about a misunderstood man and his woman. They’re young, they’re in love, there’s a creepy wacko who loves in the forest trying to kill them. What part of that isn’t normal young romance?

You would have to remove the ‘climbing through a window to watch her sleep’ bit, though. That’s just creepy.

I find this sort of book to be delicious, to be devoured in one sitting. In this case, a little under two hours. Those are the best types of books. While I did find Eve to be a lovely character, some of her personality quirks (her ‘big secret’, for example) can be annoying when played too often. Victor’s return to animalistic form should have scared the hell out of her, unless he was still in control enough to control her. So many niggly bits that play well when reading, but don’t sit so nicely when you thin about them after.

All-in-all, a wonderful book, albeit not one really calling to be read again.


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