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Across the Pond by Michael McCormick – Review


Across The Pond is a work of fiction, based on the experiences of Michael McCormick during the Vietnam war, 1967-68. At the age of 19, Michael was awarded the Silver Star Medal and the Purple Heart. After the war, Michael earned a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in clinical psychology. The forward to the book is written by Ron Kovic, author of Born On The Fourth Of July.

My Review:

Captivating and simple, this book relays the experiences of a man stuck in the Vietnam war, both in Vietnam and at home. It was a lot shorter than I would have expected, and the book would do well with adding a few more stories into its depths. As it stands, it takes less than an hour to read, but the images will stay with you a lot longer than that. There’s nothing overly graphic, just a feeling of the desolation the war brings.

Well done, mate.


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