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The End of the Computer by Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn – Review


Eclectic science fiction/nonfiction author and historian Patrick G. Conner is back again… as editor of Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn’s monumental story of wisdom, fear and hope.

It is the magnum opus of an extraordinary wordsmith.

Travel to the edge of The End of the world with some of the most interesting and enjoyable people you’ll ever meet.

Share the spine-chilling thrills and great emotional epiphanies as this company of friends are forced into the adventure of leaving their hollow lives in Moscow and Berkeley and becoming the earth mothers and fathers of Thunder Valley… if any of them survive the journey.

Thrill with the discovery that a hypercomputer can be fun, kind, happy… and the most dangerous person in existence to those who would destroy the earth – with the possible exception of one strange and lovely woman who grew up being told she was mentally deficient and utterly broken.

As this company of friends get to know each other better, the story accelerates into hyper-drive, with heart-pounding crisis after crisis, drawing you ever closer to The End of this high-stakes game for the continued existence of the human race on Earth. Winner takes all. If there is one.

Deja vu and serendipity.
Eternal love, dark betrayal and death.
Unexpected joy and heartbreaking failure.
Sparklingly brilliant universal concepts, with a rare mix of whimsical humor.
And a look into the past to save the future.

The path to The End is full of some of the most intriguing thoughts ever put into words.

The conclusion has many complex levels, but one thing is certain: you will reach The End on a high note, with a sense of deep fulfillment… and then want to go back to the beginning and start the adventure all over again.

My Review:

An excellent beginning to what promises to be a good trilogy. The beginning of the end, this book sets up the world for the end of the computer age… and the beginning of something more.

I love Jay, but I can see him going rogue. He’s already predicted the other AI’s will go rogue. I see no reason why he won’t eventually turn his back on his ‘family’. He’s already illustrated his willingness to act cold towards them, and even with Andre’s lecture, he might eventually see no alternative.

Either that, or his ‘final solution’ is going to turn on him the next time he accesses the internet.

Well-written, with characters that, while hard to connect to (or even tell apart) at the beginning, this book is definitely one of my new favourites.


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