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The Devil’s Claim by Alexander Wilding – Review


The Devil’s Claim is a historical fiction set in seventeenth century Herefordshire, England, a time in which the first-born son inherits all.

By the day’s end, this innocent young man will sell his soul to the devil and be on the road to Hell and damnation. It’s December 15, 1644, his fourteenth birthday. It will be a day that William Blinkingsop will never forget.

William’s father called him into the library to talk about his future. It was to be the worst day of his life—being the third son meant that he wouldn’t inherit any of his father’s land.

Hugo the eldest will inherit, and Thomas the second son will manage the estate. The smug smile on his two brothers’ faces as they came out of the library told him that they thought that Mommy’s little favorite had been put into his place.

Faced with only the church or the army as a career, William cursed his luck and his two brothers who stood between him and a life of ease.

The devil doesn’t come to you when you’re strong; he comes to you when you’re weak or upset. That night, the devil came to William and offered to arrange two accidents for his brothers, so he would become heir. William jumped at the chance. Two accidents later, he was heir to his father’s land.

However, when you let the devil into your life, he takes over. When William was seventeen, his father was taken ill, and a pillow across the sick man’s face meant William inherited his father’s money

Life was good for William, and he denied himself nothing. All the pleasures of the flesh were his, and he crushed anyone who stood between him and profit.

However, money and power meant nothing to him when three days before his forty-fifth birthday, the devil sent a demon to tell him he was claiming his prize.

William, in fear, rushed to the church in the hope the priest might save him. At midnight on the twelfth of December 1689, the fight for his soul with the devil begins. Will it be Heaven or Hell that wins the day?

My Review:

The only thing I didn’t like about this story was its length – it could have used a lot more time and pages, and used them well. The author should consider rewriting this story into a full-length book.

Characters were excellent, the rep. of the Devil was cool, and I like the negotiations. Well done!


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