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The Battle of the Blood Moon Graphic Novel

We’re rolling now! The Kickstarter is at 11%, but we have a long way to go. I would LOVE for all my wonderful readers to head over and have a look. If everyone contributed $10, we would be insanely close to our goal!

If every one of my twitter and facebook followers pledged $5, we would cross the line. *SQUEEEEEEEE*


S01E08The Battle of the Blood Moon is a six-part comic based off my novella Blood Moon, with a bit of tweaking.

Werewolves are taking over. With the end of the world in sight, Olivia, her half-brother and step-mother must fight the deadliest scourge to cover the globe – and that’s not even counting the werewolf plague.

An apocalyptic comic with stunning visuals and a manga-style art form, it’s magical to read – and thrilling to look at.

The Kickstarter ensures that you are rewarded for your generosity. We have t-shirts, copies of the comic, copies of the graphic novel, postcards and even A PLACE IN THE COMIC (!?!?!) up for grabs. Hurry in and nab them before they’re all gone! Some rewards are VERY limited release!


Why should you help, huh? Well, aside form the warm, fuzzy feelings that you will get, you have the surety of knowing that if we don’t raise $6,500 by my birthday (Apr 14), you don’t have to pay anything. Let’s make this an awesome birthday present!

US-based pledgers are even better off – if you pledge and we get funded, it will not cost you as much as you pledge, thanks to exchange rates. Usually something like only 75% of your pledge amount, after conversion (so, you pledge $AU10, I receive $AU10, it only costs you $US7.50-ish). Same with other currencies, especially with Australia’s dollar value being so far gone (check exchange rates for your own currency to see what I mean).

Can’t pledge? Share! head to the Kickstarter page here and share the project with your twitter, facebook and tumblr followers! The more people who see it, the better the chance we get funded!

Head over, be generous, get awesome rewards, and let’s get this comic done!

Hugs and Kisses!



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