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Dark City Blue by Luke Preston – Review



If there’s one thing worse than a crooked cop on your heels then it’s a whole unit of them.

A fistful of people are murdered, fifteen million dollars is stolen and detective Tom Bishop is stuck in the middle. When he hits the street, every clue points in the same direction – his colleagues in a police department demoralised by cutbacks and scandals. Hunted, alone and with no place left to turn, Bishop embarks on a hellish journey down into the gutters where right and wrong quickly become twisted and problems are solved with gunfire and bloodshed.

Over the next two days, Tom Bishop will be cornered. He will be beaten. He will bust into prison. He will shoot at police. He will team up with violent criminals. He will become one of them. He will break every rule in the book, chasing a lead nobody else will go near down a rabbit hole of corruption, murder and buried secrets.

Will Bishop become the very monster he set out to destroy?

My Review:

It’s strange for me to read a crime fiction story set in Australia, so It took me a while to acclimatise to the setting. This is, however, a great story, filled with suspense and great characterisation. the pace is amazing, and it kept me thinking ahead, trying to work out Justice, where everything was going.

A good page-turner and a great book for a long car ride. I winced during the glass-and-towel incident, ouchie!


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