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The South Forsaken by Rachel Drummond – Review



Boxing Day was supposed to be dedicated to sleep, and recovery from the over indulgences of Christmas feasting. When a new virus takes root in Geelong, beers have to be set aside in favour of running for their lives.

My Review:

Zombies are a bit passe, now that Hollywood has done them to death, but Rachel has tried to work her magic and bring a new spin to the issue. It reads like an action movie, with the suspense to go with it, set in Melbourne. It doesn’t read like Hollywood, it reads more like Australian cinema – and for those of you who have seen Priscilla, Mad Max or Wolf Creek, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Good characters and good work tying the many threads of characters together.

While this is an interesting ride, there are a few issues that an editor should have picked up on through the book. Loses a star for that.


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