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Dust to Dust

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Goodreads page: here.

To read an extract, click here.

Egypt, shapeshifters and a little fun in the sun…

Thousands of years ago, the priestess Nysacia was hunted down and killed for being a creature straight out of the myths: A were-dog. The priest Eteus witnessed her death and swore revenge… before being struck down by Nysacia’s killers.

As the years pass, the priest returns to the world of the living, awaiting the day the priestess Nysacia would return as well. He assimilated into the modern world, becoming Ethan, trained as an Egyptologist…

And is introduced to a Greek woman by the name of Anastatia on the dig to find his lost priestess.

Can Ethan guide these two women he loves through the battles of the modern world, where the myths and the humans entwine? Or will he lose one of them to the curse of a Werewolf, never to see her again?

Dust to Dust is a semi-sequel to Blood Lovers,
and takes place before/during the events of Blood Moon


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