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Jason King Interview

  1. Why didn’t you become a policeman instead of a writer? 

I like to experience excitement, danger, and thrills from the comfortable spot on my couch, not in real life. Actually, I have a friend who went through POST, and is looking for a job on the local force. I’ve always admired his bravery for wanting to be a cop.


  1. If you could only tell one story in your life, what would it be?

True story? Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Fiction? Then I’d tell the tale of how I saved a bunch of Guatemalan orphans from a burning bus on a collapsing bridge, how I dumped Scarlett Johansson for my wife (I would), how I single-handily won the Alamo, and how I invented a weapon that destroyed all evil doers while at the same time curing cancer.


  1. Apples or pears?

Apples. Unless I’m tired of apples, then pears. When I get tired of pears, then I’ll go back to eating candy.


  1. Which of your own characters would you like to meet and why?

Karak from my novel, The Lure of Fools, because he’s a laid back lizard man. And lizard men are all right.


  1. How would you like the world to end?

By finding out it was all a dream…….


  1. Which genre do you wish you could write, and why?

I wish I could write YA Romance, because that genre sells a ton of books. :p (This joke is only funny if you can picture me, a 350 lb fantasy nerd with glasses, writing YA Romance – and oh for some reason I’m wearing a beanie that looks like a cat).


  1. You’re stuck on an island with only three things: A knife, a match and a stick. What would you do to survive?

Survive? I don’t really think that would be an option for someone like me. I’d probably cut my hand with the knife, burn my nostril with the match, and jab the stick in my eye.


  1. Which of the following would you rather have stalking you through the night: A vampire, a werewolf, or Stephen King?

I’d go with the vampire, because I know she’ll seduce me before she rips my throat out. If you’re gonna die, you might as well die sexy.


  1. Who is the best villain you’ve ever read, and why?

Padan Fain from The Wheel of Time. He’s as frightening as he is intriguing. Homely, ordinary-looking Padan Fain was once “The Dark One’s Hound” tasked with tracking down the boy who would become The Dragon Reborn. But after a chance meeting in Shadar Logoth with Mordeth, he becomes much more; a twisted aberration embryo of another ancient evil that will stop at nothing to see Rand Al’Thor dead. He’s disturbing, powerful, and frighteningly single-minded. He was part of my inspiration for my villain “Jove” from The Lure of Fools.


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