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Lauren Hodge Interview


  1. Why didn’t you become a policeman instead of a writer?

I think I would be a terrible man. I love my boobs too much. They look fabulous in a corset. But other than that, my love of Fourth Amendment rights makes me think I would be a terrible policeman. Also, writers don’t become authors because we love being around people. The police are not only around people all shift long, they’re around the worst of people. In addition, police and other law enforcement personnel have the highest rate of domestic violence and being that I have more than enough violence from childhood, I don’t really feel the need to add a helping of that in my adult life.

  1. If you could only tell one story in your life, what would it be?

Accidental animal cruelty. As a child, and later teenager, I was very, very ignorant of the real world. Sure I was a walking encyclopaedia (still am) but when you want a pet and have no Google or resources to care for it, it can only end badly. My sister was kind enough to turn the story of “Rabbit to good home” into a blog post, complete with MSPaint illustrations. Feast your eyes.

(I just re read it and now must go check to see if I peed myself)

  1. Apples or pears?

Pears. My runts (children to the uninitiated) had bowel problems when they were babies/toddlers. Sorbitol helped them immensely. I found the levels of Sorbitol in pears (2.17 ug/L) was higher than the levels in apples (0.56 ug/L) and superior to the bio-availability of sorbitol in prune juice (12.5 ug/L). Okay, I’m putting away my inner chemist now.

  1. Which of your own characters would you like to meet and why?

For the good guys? Alex. He is smart, which is the new sexy. Capable, competent, and lethal, he is Tara’s equal without fighting for superiority. For the bad guys? Lucius. He is a Roman general and even without an additional aptitude, is the military brains behind the Noricum. I like him so much, I gave him his own short story in Discordia

  1. How would you like the world to end?

Preferably the same I would like to die…being shot in the head. Quick and painless. Let’s get this mess over with.  We’re just like the danger zone before food is officially rancid. Like buying milk from Albertsons, we all have to do our part to drink the whole gallon before it goes bad tomorrow.

  1. Which genre do you wish you could write, and why?

If I like a genre, I do not wish to write in it. I just write in it. The Discord Trilogy is actually my fourth, fifth, and sixth books. I used to write adult literature and now that Rubicon is done, I’m going back to my first book. I have learned so much about writing, working with my awesome editors. I want to see how that story benefits from my newly acquired knowledge.  Writing human drama is very different than paranormal. For one, you don’t have to build a lot of universe rules. You can spend word count on character and plot development as opposed to reminding and redefining the supernatural parameters you’ve asked the reader to swallow.

  1. You’re stuck on an island with only three things: A knife, a match and a stick. What would you do to survive?

With a knife, I desperately try to remember Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls. Please refer to above picture, detailing how fat people can help you survive. I am the “helper” in the middle.

  1. Which of the following would you rather have stalking you through the night: A vampire, a werewolf, or Stephen King?

The latter.  I am well armed. Mortals are no worry. I classify dates my how many weapons I need to wear in order to be willing to go anywhere with them. I normally have three (gun, and two knives) but my twin recently gave me an Asp (extendable steel baton) and a cool neck knife, bringing my available wearable weapons up to five.

  1. Who is the best villain you’ve ever read, and why?

I would say the best villain isn’t a person, but rather an idea. People can be killed. Ideas cannot. But, if we’re going on cool villains, I’d have to say Tom Hiddleston as Loki is my pick. The calm malevolence, the uninhibited sense of superiority, all contribute to portraying someone who believes in his ideals enough to use force…and not apologize for doing so.


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