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A year already??

Okay, so those astute enough to read my previous post’s date log will note that my last post was March 2016 – Almost 12 months. Okay, ten and a bit.

So, whHolly & Matthew 23-.JPGat have I been doing for a year?

Well, I got married (see photo to the right). I ended up acting as a door woman to my own wedding, and breaking every one of the more traditional … traditions on the way. Well, most of them. I wore blue opal earrings and did the ‘new old borrowed blue’ thing. Matt didn’t see me until I walked down the aisle. It rained for every part of the day except the 2 hours we needed for the pictures after the ceremony (when it sunshined up and was beautiful).

We had Darth Vader as a ring bearer, and a Storm Trooper to escort him. I ended up with an unofficial 5th bridesmaid, because we couldn’t do the pedal-throwing thing, and she matched the girls anyway. I made her bouquet two days before the wedding. I’m quite proud of that. All the flowers were fake, and I have my bouquet in a (dry) vase on our table. My husband got thoroughly drunk on the wedding night trying to keep up with my mother, grandmother, aunt and uncle. A good time was had by all :)

I also swapped jobs halfway through last year. with all that extra time, I tried to take on a second job editing and formatting, but the website I was using closed down,and I haven’t been able to get any work since. Well, i did, but I can’t do it. it takes so much time and it’s so boring reading some of those stories. I won’t name and shame, suffice to say, I’m out of that field for a while, only the sporadic insights of my long-term clients keeping me connected to it.

I did NaNoWriMo for the first time in 7 years, according to my account. i failed to keep pace for all but the first and last days of the event. But I made it! The Inuit Nightmare is now undergoing heavy editing and rewriting, to bring it back up to snuff. The Devil’s Wife, removed from circulation (re: out of print) in March, is undergoing another look-over, as I didn’t like some of the elements, and there were still grammatical errors within the story (overall, though, I still think it’s my favourite). I’m working to get it back up on Amazon as a ‘rereleased’ edition ASAP, so watch for that announcement. I’ve also set up a Facebook event for the launch party, so we’ll see how that goes. Free stuff, door prizes and other fun that I haven’t yet figured out will be on the cards. Just be wary of the date on the page: just like the staircases at Hogwarts, they like to change without any notice.

Also, I’m rereading the HP books, plus the play. And some of my FAVE fanfic. But only a few. A couple of times each.

And watching the movies. Moving on!

Talking about stretching myself waaaay too thin, I’m also collaborating on not one, bt two  maybe even three – podcasts as well this year. The first, Beyond the Words, is a podcast about the art of writing, publishing and promoting books (but can stretch to other media, like comics and movies as well). The second, an as-yet-unnamed podcast exploring Australian mysteries, looks to be fun, if I can get some of the research together (the other presenter is claiming he has too much to do to sit around researching ;) ).

dw-cover-hollyBut this year should be different. I have the covers for Devil’s Wife and Inuit Nightmare ready to go (can’t use the Devil’s Wife cover now, so had to get another one :) ). I’m working through DW, on page… 42 of 130. Am thinking about rewriting the final conflict, but that’s ok. I thought I would have to, I’ve already eliminated a major plot problem.

OK. Keep an eye on this site or the FB page to make sure you don’t miss out!

PS, comment on this post and let me know what you think of the cover! Is it enough, too much, etc? Good and bad points! OK, go!




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