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Butcher by day, author by night, Holly spends her days off writing, playing in her garden and watching superhero cartoons. Holly lives with her husband Matthew and her cats Talia al-Kitty and The Joker, in a two-bedroom flat crammed with comics, video games, books and movie memorabilia. An active cosplayer, Holly and Matthew take time out of their days to entertain kids as various DC comics characters, and make their own costumes (when Real Life allows).

Her debut novel, The Devil’s Wife, was released to great success, and was nominated for the Book of the Year awards 2011. Its re-release is scheduled for June 2017, but may be sooner! Check out the FB page for event details!

 Her latest book, The Holiday Killer, was released Dec 8, 2015, to amazing reviews! check it out and grab your copy here.



  1. Hi Holly: Just wish to say how much I appreciate your homeland. My first visit was in 1957 and I didn’t get back for fifty years, 2007. It changed a lot, of course. I had a friend there in ’57 and much later developed Aussie friends whom I revisited in ’07. Never found Jennifer from “57.I did write a story about her though; it’s part of my collection, CABBAGES AND KINGS, from Champagne Books. Good luck with all your books.

    Comment by Jim Woods | July 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. I can’t wait to see The Devil’s Wife in print! It was such a hoot to read, yet it left me with so much to think about. Best of luck with it, Holly.

    Comment by Nikki Andrews | March 1, 2011 | Reply

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