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The Holiday Killer

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In the beginning, there was only darkness. And from that darkness came the light by which the world was created. In that light, the world grew grey and dishevelled. It was up to God to clean the slate of the filth, and create a new world, on the backs of the dead, the slaughtered, the tortured and abused.
I have seen the darkness of the first world, and I can see nothing more than the filth of this world. I will work to clear the slate, to punish the humanity that seeks to tarnish our world.
And I will start with the children.
On the rampage, unchecked, for almost a year, the Killer seeks to destroy the happiness that holidays bring to the little town Detective Rhodes calls home. She’s only a few more days from figuring out who he is, from stopping his ugly murder spree…
That’s why he took her boy.
Now nothing will stop Liz from hunting the Killer down and enacting her revenge…



The Holiday Killer is out December 13, just in time for the Christmas season… Available exclusively on all Amazon sites 13/12/15.


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