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The Species Within by Kimberley Clark – Review



Kira, a huntress plagued by dreams of fire and pain has worked tirelessly to rid her city of the scourge that has nearly destroyed it…nostvores, mythlend creatures with dark and vast appetites for blood and sex. She does this not only because they had killed so many people in her life, but also because she has an edge that no other human had…she has their abilities. The problem was, these abilities were killing her and she feared time was no longer on her side.

So the moment she found out that Darius, a nostvore leader was threatening to awaken an indestructible species to help him enslave all humans and mythlends, and that she may be the key to his plan, she knew her only choice was to risk her life with the little time that she had left and join her enemy to find out why, and to make sure his plan failed.

If that wasn’t dangerous enough, the more time she spends with the Vanatre nostvore Emmerich, and the mooran Kuron, who she brings with her for protection, the less she wants to kill them. Instead, she feels an unexplainable attraction towards them both, and she fears surrendering to such desire with either is a deadly game to play, for she would not only be risking her life, but quite possibly her heart.

My Review:

I loved the story. While the world of Vampires and Werewolves has been done to death, this book brings a new light to the genre. Along with nostvores (vamps of olde) and lycroulds (werewolves at will) are joined by many other species, some of which I have never even thought about before. There’s a twist on banshees, demons and soul suckers.

The book has a great plot, saving the world, who doesn’t love that? Personaly, I thought Kira was too much of a whining little bitch to end up with TWO hot guys hurrying after her, creating the same form of love triangle that I hate – it’s not ‘will she, won’t she’ if it’s obvious that she’s ignoring the attentions of the nice guy friend who’s been there for her forever.

You know, just once I would like the nice guy not to get screwed. Just sayin’.

As much as I would love to give this book a 5.5, which it does deserve, my policy is unfortunately to remove a star owing to bad editing. And, sadly, this one has awkward sentences, missing/doubled grammatical marks, redundancies like nothing else that make reading terrible, commas placed in random spots in sentences… Run the book by a good editor, and I will happily upgrade to its deserved rating.

I haven’t loved a vampire book like this since ages ago (like, 8, 9 years). Ms Clark deserves much thanks for keeping me engaged like this. Kudos! Highly recommended to everyone who has become disillusioned with the Paranormal Genre. Oh, and the sex is steamy too. Yum!


PS. At the risk of sounding like a 15yo fangirl…  “Oh my god, I LOVED Kuran! Massive <3s!”

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