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Hey all!

I’ve been really busy recently! Just this weekend, I’ve been setting up Amazon sales, I’ve been editing and reviewing short erotica stories in an effort to fund comics and projects, I’ve been managing the shop I work at, learning the trade for when the boss nicks off across the other side of the world for October (Rugby Union world cup, YUCK! sport), and generally trying to make sure Matty sees even the slightest little bit of me in between being eaten alive by my cat, who has given me more scars on my hands  in her four months of living with us than my butchery job has to date (for those counting, 6 years). I haven’t had time to read all the wonderful books on my pile, but I shall soon!

I’ve been organising some Kickstarter campaigns to get my comic book empire off the ground (with moderate success, I might add), and looking for a new apartment, because this one is sinking into the ground, rupturing things, all while trying to find somewhere that won’t reject us outright because we own a cat.

Great, ey?

And while setting up Amazon for the sale of copies of The Battle of the Blood Moon, my new comic, I stumbled across something awesome on Amazon:

All of my books, including the paperback of Blood Moon, are on sale! The paperback is something like 66% off, while everything else will save you at least a few pennies (and I’ve arranged to get the anthologies I’m in to be added to that page as well, so you can all find my stuff very easily)!

I would love it if you can all run over to Amazon and gather up any books you’re missing! Hurry, though, because The Devil’s Wife won’t be up there for much longer!

Also, don’t forget to head over to Kickstarter and help me get a comic version of The Devil’s Wife underway. It’s too late to join The Battle of the Blood Moon bandwagon, as that comic series is funded, but don’t miss out on getting a copy as part of The Devil’s Wife Kickstarter!

Love you all! Don’t forget to grab yourselves some deals!

In other news, I should be resuming my reviews soon, as I picked up a stack of books almost a foot tall at Supanova Sydney in June while selling copies of BotBM, and if The Devil’s Wife Kickstarter gets funded, I’ll suddenly have all this time I don’t have to spend raising funds in order to read said books.

Help a girl out. Everyone benefits from reviews!



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Launch day!

When magic threatens the stability of a kingdom,
it’s up to a dragon to save the day…

So, here we are, folks! Scale and Feather is now officially released at BURST Books and Amazon.com!

Click over to get your copy today, or head back to this post and comment for your chance to win a copy!

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Quote of the Day

“You don’t like me, so what? In three years, I’ll be gone, and you never have to see me again. I, however, I have to see myself every morning in the mirror. So for me to compromise myself to be what you want, is to be something I’m not. And to be something I’m not, is to betray myself. And I have to look myself in the eyes every morning and know I’m still true to myself, that I haven’t betrayed myself to the enemy. So you know what you can do? You can take your fear, your hatred, your jealousy, and you can shove it up your ass. Then see if you can finally look yourself in the eyes every morning without guilt destroying your self-respect.”

~ Charise confrunting people naysaying her for befriending the school weirdo. The Boy From The Shadows

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Flash Fiction – Jophrael

Qui’rk Solar glared down at the creature prostrating itself at his feet. In one swift movement, Qui’rk kicked the thing across the room. Sligr hit the wall with a slimy thud, bones creaking as he hit the ground.

This is not the way, Sligr, Qui’rk said, sitting calmly on his throne and glaring at the thing. Your efforts to destory my kingdom have landed you here, at my feet, amongst my guards. At sword-point, no less.

Sligr quivered in the puddle that was his slug-body, staring at the guardsmen that had surrounded him.

No! It was not me! I have been faithful, always!

The cockroach Qui’rk stood up, his sceptre in his right hands. I wonder why I do not believe you?

The slug quivered, awaiting the verdict. With a nod of his head, the spider-guards plunged their hooked hands into the slug’s body, ripping and tearing. Qui’rk didn’t look away until the mess stopped moving.

Clean that up. We have a party to get to.

The spider-guards nodded as one, their spindly legs gathering up the remains of the slug and darting off into the darkness of the corners to feed. With barely a shiver of disgust, Qui’rk turned to look out of his window, down on the kitchen garden that was his kingdom.

Hunting time…


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Release Daaaay!

And, yes, for posterity’s sake, yes I am grinning like an absolute loon. My first book release! I’m just SO EFFING EXCITED!!!

The Devil’s Wife is now on sale at my publisher’s website,  Amazon and a dozen other places! I’ve already gotiton my kindle! Super sweet YEAH!

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Valentines’ Day…What’s that?

So what’s this holiday-thing coming up today? I haven’t heard anything about it, haven’t seen anything about it in the shops. Must just be a small thing, right? One culture, one day, spending time with their loved ones, right?

Nuh uh. Today is Valentines’ Day, the day I like to call ‘International Romance Writers’ Day’. I guess it’s kind of ironic that the hate I have for this holiday stems from the complete lack of an other-half around this time of the year. And that The Devil’s Wife is being billed as a Paranormal Romance (That’s right, it’s up against all those vampire stories you see girls tottering around reading *hides own vampire collection*), which means that, come March 7th, I’m officially a Romance Writer.

God help me now.

But I guess what that means is that Valentines Day applies to me in one way now, instead of both of its functions completely passing me by as it has every year. I can celebrate Romance Writers’ Day, even if I don’t like being labelled a Romance writer (Devil’s Wife is an Urban Fantasy, I swear!), right? I should get like a card or something for that…

Maybe this year Valentines Day won’t supply me with an excuse to put my head in the oven, should I wish it. But I’m not betting on it.

Happy Valentines/Romance Writers’ Day, guys!

Oh, and one more thing: Head over to TK’s Blog read the articles on The Devil’s Wife being posted today and tomorrow, comment, and you go into the running for a few little freebies, including a free pdf copy of the book. Isn’t that a great Valentine’s Day gift to you all?

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Contract #3!

3 books under contract before I’m 21. How awesome am I? *bounces around giggling for a while*

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Extract posted

Someone’s been bgging me to read about Soren, Shane and Sam, so I’ve posted the first part of it as a page (so I can’t lose it). Have a look to the left, and you’ll see a link called ‘howling with the Wolf extract’. There it is. My Gay Werewolf Threesome story introduction. Have fun :)

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Devil’s Wife update

I don’t think there’s anything quite as daunting and stomach-churning as clicking the ‘send’ button on an email, knowing that this is your last-ever chance to change anything in the book befoe it’s completely out of your hands and there’s nothing you can do now.

That’s what I did this morning.

The Devil’s Wife is officially out of my hands. I quadrouple-checked the 400-character family tree I have with all the characters of this particular universe on it, and read the book twice, just to make sure there weren’t any typos in it (by the second read-through, I was starting to fall asleep – oh dear!) and made sure my corrections were all spelled correctly, the formatting was right…

And then I hit the button.

Now all I’m waiting for is that lovely thing called ‘cover art’ to appear in my inbox so I can smack myself and convince myself that no, it’s all true. I’ll have a book out in 6 weeks.

It’s very scary, I tell you. I can’t even remember what I requested (not that they’re obliged to listen to me) but I think it was Lucifer and Clarissa’s dance scene. But I don’t want to get my hopes up, even if the art of the other books I’ve checked out is awesome.

There is a 100% chance of tears. 50% chance they’re accompanied by a scream and 49% chance they’re accompanied by open-mouthed shock.

Yeah. I can’t wait now! March 01, get here already!

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An Achievement

There comes a time, on completing a story, that you realise you’ve achieved something. Finishing the story itself is so often an achievement (“Ooh, shiny new story!” often interrupts), but I found another 2 achievements this morning.

I’ve been working on a rewrite of an old story of mine, called Creature Comforts. In its original form, it hit 50,000 words, and had very, very little plot to it. The rewrite, however, is maybe 21,000 words long, fills 3 hardcover notebooks (which also house maps, etc in the front of each cover), and took me something like 3 months to write (including a long haitus during November).

For the first time since I was 16, I’ve written a story completely in long hand (The last one was the pre-runner to The Devil’s Wife, called Lucifer’s Life, at just under 7,000 words).

For the first time since I was 12, I’ve written a  story with a non-human (Lucifer counts as a human) as a main character, and actually managed to finish it. (The last one was the pre-runner to The First Werewolf, called Lion Blood, at just under 13,000 words).

And, for the first time, I plan on being the one to write the story up onto computer screen (Normally my mother-slash-editor does it, and makes her edits as she goes). Should be epic.

I’ll post the first scene when it’s up, and you can all tell me what you’re thinking.

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